Are 3-in-1 dishwasher tablets worth the extra money?

Are 3 in 1 tablets worth the extra money? According to the dishwasher maintenance men no! It is much better for the dishwasher to use separate detergent, rinse aid and salt for the smooth running of your machine. Dishwashers are designed to run a detergent, rinse and salt cycle so every individual item will play its role at the right time of the cycle. It disturbs the cycle when these functions are not completed meaning hiccups for your machine.Picture of a box of Finish 3 in 1 tabs

3 in 1 tablets may do the job quite adequately and seem the cheaper option, but when you are considering the long life of your dishwashing machine, they are actually a false economy. 3 in 1 tablets of course contain detergent, rinse aid and salt in one tablet and as such are slightly more expensive than the normal detergent tablets but could work out cheaper than buying the 3 separate products. However if you stick to the supermarket own brand you can save money without compromising on performance.

3 in 1 tablets it has been reported do a good job of your dishes, but even though you have paid extra for the 3 in 1 it is still necessary to use separate rinse aid and salt to keep the pipes clear and to keep your dishwasher functioning optimally. Most customers said they used separate rinse aid and salt products as per the manufacturer’s directions. ‘Which’ magazine recommended Tescos own brand of detergent and rinse aid as best value buy. Many customers buy supermarket own brands and report it to be adequate saving ££s. Fairy detergent tablets were also voted best product by ‘which’ magazine. Asda’s own detergent is recommended to be avoided, s it scratches glass and takes the pattern off your dinnerware.

At face value 3 in 1 tablets would seem to be a waste of money and it is recommended to buy a cheaper detergent instead. It has even been reported that the more expensive brands took the pattern off the dinner service so shop canny would be the advice. It seems buying separate dishwasher detergent, rinse aid and salt can work out cheaper than the 3 in 1 tablet anyway. The best results are obtained from using the 3 separate products in your wash.  Ultimately the 3 separate products are better for the dishwasher no matter which make and model you have purchased.

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