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Beko DW6O3 Review
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Review Summary:

This is a cracking machine from Beko at an unbeatable price. Don't be put off if you haven't heard of the brand - if you're looking for a great built in dishwasher for under £200 you really can't do much better than this. Highly recommended!!!

This highly recommended integrated dishwasher from Beko is standard sized and holds 12 place settings. It has 5 programmes and 4 temperature settings. It uses 1.03 kWh of electricity and 14 litres of water per cycle. This model costs £43.26 a year to use (which is about average for a standard sized machine). It runs quietly at 49dB and has an energy efficiency rating of A+. It has an A efficiency level for washing and drying. The dimensions are (H)82.0 x (W)60.0 x (D)55.0 cm.

This built in Beko is a great budget dishwasher – some customers found integrating it into their kitchen and attaching the unit door a little tricky but got there in the end without help (and that really is about the only negative). It has a 58 minute standard cycle as well as a 30 minute quick wash and an intensive wash cycle. It also offers pre- wash and half load options. The display panel is electronic  with LED display and customers said it was very easy to use. Owners also said they thought this Beko was just as good as other better known brands and not to be put off by the fact it is cheap!

Click here to read what 700 confirmed buyers had to say about this machine – 95% said they would recommend it to a friend which gives you a pretty indication…

The Beko DW603 features adjustable racking, fold down racks to accommodate larger items such a pans or a lasagne dish and a height adjustable top basket  which gives more space for those extra -long stemmed wine glasses for example (the basket adjusts with a simple lever click system).

This dishwasher also has an anti-flood device so that leaks are detected and the water is shut off preventing mini floods in the kitchen. It has a salt level indicator and a rinse aid indicator. It uses residual heat to dry the dishes. The Beko DW603 Standard Dishwasher is economical to use, comes at a budget price of £199 and is universally loved by buyers. Take a look at the video below if you still need convincing…

Buy the Beko DW603 from here


It's one of the cheapest built in dishwashers on the market (that also happens to be good)!
Plenty of features
Runs quietly
A+ Energy Efficiency Rating
Fully adjustable interior layout


The door can be a little tricky to fit (but once it's done it's plain sailing from there onwards)

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46 thoughts on “Beko DW603 Review

  1. Just received our new Beko DW603 which is replacing a Bosch dishwasher. Well what a disaster trying to make sense of the instructions will need a great deal of patience. I telephoned Beko and they said that some of the sound proofing which was supplied need not be fitted. The rear adjustment for the feet is a mystery until you find that they can be adjusted at the rear and front but no instructions just a very poor diagram. Then you get to the door fitting well what a dreadful piece of engineering
    But that’s not all when you try to program the water hardness if you press the wrong button as the description does not tally with the instruction book you have to switch the damn dishwasher off then leave for 2 hours yes two hours!!! To clear the software memory in the unit. Should have bought the more expensive Bosch

    1. James Anderson

      Hi Ken
      Thanks for your comment and sorry it sounds like you’ve had a bumpy ride getting your new machine up-and-running. I do agree the Beko instructions aren’t the finest and the door fitting can be a little difficult but hopefully, once you’re over these initial hiccups, you’ll find the machine to be reliable and hassle free. I have a very similar Beko model myself which has been going strong for 3+ years without any trouble at all and I think, for the money, they are unbeatable machines.
      Admittedly Bosch are excellent too but you will, as you say, pay a fair bit more and I think once your Beko ‘beds in’ you’ll be very happy with it. Well I certainly hope so anyway.
      Thanks for your feedback and hope it all works out.
      Best regards,

    2. Ken is totally correct, the instructions are ridiculous, I am searching for anything which can tell me where this soundproofing goes which doesn’t match my machine, to adjust the back support legs, sounds like I’m breaking the supports, the door attachment is pathetic. I’m sure it’s a good machine but the fitting problems I’m having, just aren’t worth it, I wish I’d had a different machine. A simple set of instructions costs nothing. I will never buy a BEKO again !

      1. James Anderson

        Hi Warren
        Thanks for your comments and sorry that you too had problems getting your Beko installed. We have contacted Beko directly to pass on your concerns and ask if they can supply us with improved instructions and answers to the questions raised. I’m sorry that their reply will undoubtedly be too late to help you but hopefully may be of some use to other buyers. As soon as we receive their feedback I will try to add it to this thread.
        As I mentioned in my reply to Ken I think you’ll find that it’s a great little machine when you do get it installed, I’m just sorry it’s clearly been such a nightmare to get to that point.
        Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience with our readers.
        All the best,


        1. With regards to your reply to James Anderson April 2, 2014 at 5:30 pm
          I would like to know if you’ve received a reply from Beko regarding a better installation instructions & manual I have looked on the Beko website myself and there is no manual available to download for this model. The reason being I’m just about to purchase the Beko DW603 Dishwasher myself, and after intensive research into purchasing a decent economic and decently priced Integrated Dishwasher with good reviews this one seems to suit my requirement’s quite well, but the only issue that is putting me off purchasing is the amount of complaints in the reviews regarding the installation information not being informative, if you have found any reference to any better installation details could you please pass them on to me , and also make them available for others to use.
          Maybe another mention to Beko regarding customer dissatisfaction regarding this issue, sorry for the long winded comment but I’m sure you’ll agree this issue needs sorting out by Beko.

    3. I have just bought the DW603 and during installation (a straight swap for a Beko DW686) both rear legs broke off and there was no indication that they were adjustable from the instructions. Also a front leg broke off. I had to use glue to fix all 3. Regarding the water hardness setting, I still haven’t worked it out. If I could send it back I would, but after 2 days of installation, I dare not. Also DW686 only lasted 3 and a half years, rubbish

  2. I have purchased a Beko DW693dishwasher today and agree entirely with the comments about the user instructions. I am specifically concerned about the door attachment. Have Beko provided any improved instructions?

  3. Hello,
    I find the user manual particularly weird. Lots of explanations about how to put away the dishes but nothing about how to use the machine, what the programmes do, how long they last, what each button does on the display. Granted the display is simple but still…
    Have I missed a page or a leaflet?

  4. Have purchased this dishwasher and found the instructions vague and complicated. The door attachment method is ridiculous. I have not used the dishwasher yet but wonder if the cost saving was worth the hassle of fitting.

  5. WE purchased this dishwasher and had to get a professional to install it as it was so complicated, especially the door fitting. He took over 2 hours so his fee was astronomic.
    Now it is working it is OK. BUT there is no bleep at the end of the wash programme to tell you it has finished. Phoned BEKO and after 12 minutes spoke to a young lady who advises that there is no warning bleep at the end on this model! How ridiculous, we have had about 5 dishwashers and this is a first !!! Come on BEKO, get your rear into gear !!!

    1. Hi,

      I was about to purchase a DW686, but I found that the dishwasher made 8 beep sounds at the end of the program for more than a minute…and you CAN’T turn it off. So I asked Beko a way to avoid being awakened at night and they told me to purchase this model instead.

      I thought that it was funny that we are looking for opposite options 🙂

      best regards.

    1. Use the dip stick to see how hard your water is. Then when you turn on your machine for the very first time set it to the correct hardness. If you didnt do it first time i think you can unplug the machine and wait for it to reset itself and then do it again.

    2. So, I just went through this confusion myself, and eventually managed to figure it out. You actually do just like the the manual – it’s simply that the control panel doesn’t quite flash in the way that the manual says it should. Specifically:
      – turn on the power whilst holding down “P”
      – wait for one of the Program lights to illuminate
      – release “P”
      – press “P” until the Program light representing your water hardness setting is illuminated
      – press the “Go” button
      – turn off the device.

      You can check that it worked by repeating the process – the Program light you selected during the previous process will be the one that is illuminated, showing that it has remembered the setting.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks very much for your info. I’ve been having the same prob with setting water hardness on the Beko 1534. I thought I’d done it right, but the lights that should flash or light continuously according to the manual, don’t. But I’m pretty sure it is set correctly as this is the setting that comes on when you repeat the process, as you say.
        Beko need to rewrite their instructions.

  6. Pain in the ass to put the worktop door on. After 2 hours doing this, finished, stood up and leaned on the handle of the worktop door and the handle broke!!!!!!!!!!!

    The instructions are not great either but it seems to wash really well and is not too noisy.

  7. Well what a complete nightmare to fit, something that should be so straightforward!!!! Instructions are still utterly ridiculous. This machine has taken me 3 full days to fit!!!! I am a good DIYer and have qualifications in electrical work etc but if you don’t have this then I wouldn’t bother fitting it yourself, better to pay someone to do it for you. There are no instructions telling you what program to use 1st time, how much salt to put in when you use it properly. So many leaflets and books and they still can’t get it right!! Having said all this, have eventually installed and hopefully all ok!!

  8. Have just fitted our new dishwasher 603. It worked for the empty pre-wash, and washed 2 loads of dishes, and now the door won’t shut! What have we done wrong? Very frustrating!

  9. Great machine, can’t believe people are having trouble fitting this dishwasher one of the simplest I have ever put in. if you just study the instructions for a few minutes it’s a doddle. And fitting the door is easy all the measurements are written on an instruction sheet to follow.

    1. I agree Peter, I was very nearly put off by some of the negative reviews concerning installing the Beko DW603. However, after the reading the instructions several; times, and following the diagrams, the installation was smooth and easy! Overall it took just over two hours and I am extremely pleased with the finished job!

      1. Am having dreadful problems fitting the door panel. Measured very carefully to the millimetre and mounted the so-called fixing bracket correctly but just cannot get the lower catches to engage in the holes in the door. Any ideas??

    2. We didn’t have any issues fitting it either to be honest. But I am having issues setting the hardness programme and Ive just discovered there is no bleep at the end of cycle which I was looking out for as the instructions don’t tell you how long the cycles are but I’ll deal with all that as after having to do the washing up again for just over a week im just pleased I don’t need to now 🙂

  10. Bought and fitted DW603 back in June last year, fitting no problem but when I came to commission it today ( yes 7 months later, long story! ) I fail to understand the instruction and have tried all combinations to set the hardness level required. Even following Anon’s explanation the machine will not retain the hardness level I select and further more it will not allow me to select a washing program even if I leave the hardness setting where it is!
    Will need to contact Beko first thing tomorrow.

  11. Just fitted 6th June
    The fitting instructions are very poor as several options shown for different machines . The door fit could made much simpler and described clearer.
    Salt level indicated ? Still looking.
    Initial hard water program you have to hold buttons quite a time
    Generally the Germans need vastly improve instructions .
    And ensure fitting kit in appliance mine were not.
    Clearly they don’t care at Beko as previous complaints re same were made over fifteen months ago.
    Cheap buy means cheap service and no understanding of customer care

  12. These instructions on the beko DW 603 hardness settings are rubbish Tried for some time to work it out But it just willNot work Can anyone help me?? Cheers.

    1. Hi Steven,
      Press and hold power and the P button together (if you have just bought the machine and not put salt or rinse aid in you will see the warning lights will NOT come on when you are setting the hardness).
      Then press P until the it corresponds to the hardness value.
      Then press ‘start/pause’ and the light starts flashing.
      Then turn off the machine.

      The instructions are the worst I have ever come across. Can someone tell ME what the Tablet detergent button does?


  13. I’ve just had a beko DW686 installed and as with other comments I have tried to set the correct water hardness setting but it won’t allow me to change the one that is currently set. A new dishwasher I can’t use – fantastic!!!!! I’ve made two calls to Beko. Firstly they told me to switch off at mains for 2 hours to allow it to re-set itself. I left it over night unplugged. That didn’t work. Now I have to wait 5 days before an engineer will come to look at it. This is appalling for a new machine. Beko get your act together otherwise your looking at a very poor business outlook.

  14. Purchased a BEKO DW 403 in April, of late the salt light went on, recently applied salt as required, now salt light is on permanent, read comments and tried, does not work, I do not want to wait 5 days for an engineer, just an answer to what is required or do I go back to supplier and ask for a replacement

  15. Thanks Pete Champ. I looked through loads of sites and read peoples comments on how to set water hardness on Beko DW603. Tried to for 2 days without success then read Pete’s comment. Simple instructions that worked first time.

  16. Just fitted a DW663. After reading the reviews I was not looking forward to it but what a surprise! After reading the instructions carefully it was really quite straightforward. Fitting the door needs care if the unit is a tight fit but it can easily be fine tuned if necessary.
    We used Pete’s advice to set the water hardener which worked a treat and the machine itself does the job and is surprisingly quiet.
    For the record I’m a seventy year old retired social worker so have no expertise in this area I just wanted to avoid the £80 installation fee.

  17. What a hopeless set of instructions.
    My notes:
    1. If the rinse aid light is on the washer won’t start, beeps for a bit.
    2. If the rinse aid light is on it won’t let you change the programme
    3. Assume that this might also be true for the salt / hardness light – not using this as have a water softener.
    4. it seems that the door won’t open to be flat – annoying or the machine may be incorrectly fitted.
    5. As previously noted what do the programmes do? And how long does each one last?
    6. I could go on but need to sleep!

  18. I have just bought the DW603 and during installation (a straight swap for a Beko DW686) both rear legs broke off. I had to improvise with a block of wood under the legs as and there was a sort of indication that they were not adjustable from the instructions and they appeared not to be. Also a front leg broke off as I lay the dishwasher over to access the legs. I had to use glue to fix all 3. Regarding the water hardness setting, I still haven’t worked it out. If I could send it back I would, but after 2 days of installation, I dare not. Also DW686 only lasted 3 and a half years, poor quality built in. Incidentally, I went for another Beko so that a “straight forward” swap would be possible, which at least as far as the integrated door panel, it did. Exactly the same as the first Beko. Anyone have any luck requesting compensation from Beko. I lost 2 days and was stressed out for those 2 days.

  19. On the Beko 603 the legs are adjusted by turning a slotted worm screw that connects to the screw thread on the legs to raise or lower the dishwasher. You will break the legs if you do not adjust the height this way.
    The door panel was easy to fit using the instructions.

  20. After reading the professional reviews I was really excited about this dishwasher, after reading the buyer comments I was undecided. I ordered and the machine arrived well protected. I had some local siting specific issues with installation but nothing to do with instructions or the machine. I’m pleased that I read the reviews here before buying but also pleased that I trusted my own judgment and bought this machine. It is well built with very straightforward programs and tonnes of capacity. I did manage to ‘flood’ the machine during instruction (no water anywhere) but the telephone support was first class and I resolved it with their help. It’s now been in use for a month and the cleaning results are fantastic. A great buy.

  21. Our machine has been installed and working without any problems for about 3 months now. We cannot fault it. It cleans and dries thoroughly and is not noisy compared with our previous Whirlpool model. It’s very simple to use once you become familiar with the options. Fitting the external door panel was straightforward. We were given a two year warranty which is reassuring. We did have one problem with the electronics, when they indicated that the machine had flooded. I phoned the helpline number and they talked me through how to sort it without any problem. We love the versatility of the internal racking and the cutlery holder is much more substantial than the one in our previous machine. We are very impressed and happy with this machine.

  22. We bought the dw603. To be honest I didn’t set any hardness just putted the salt in and start using it. It was perfect for next 2 weeks. Then I’ve noticed that all fat like coconut oil or butter hasn’t been cleaned off properly everything else was clean. It doesn’t make the water hot anymore on any program. I just simply opened the door several times when is running to check if the water was hot, it wasnt. Has been few days like that already and no change. Everything is coming out very cold. Is it possible that an element broke or stopped working correctly because of unset hardness level? Has only been 3 weeks now since installation, I can call for repair but is it going to be our fault? Can anybody know what is going on? Or is it just technical fault? Please help!!!

    1. had our 603 for 30 months.Never bothered with hardness or rinse aid settings as Devon water is soft. no problem fitting machine or door on integrated unit.What has just happened is that water gets hot and cleans intermittently.Changed heater ,but same thing happens.Took the thing apart to get to the control panel/programmer only to find you can buy every part Except this one.Looking at reviews,it appears Beko are the absolute pits on customer service.Oh well, I,ll put all the bits back and live with hit and miss use while I find another washer with a better reputation. Wont buy Beko again, maybe I,m unlucky.

  23. We have had our DW for about 5 months now and has been (almost) faultless. I installed it in about an hour (most of that was fitting the door). It washes much better that the year old Zanussi that it replaced and, because of the versatile racking, takes much more as a single load.
    The tablet detergent light has suddenly lit up and I have no idea why. Still works perfectly. As everyone has mentioned the manual is the real let down. So silly given that with a little effort it could be so much better.


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