Beko DW686 Review

Beko DW686 Review
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Review Summary:

We love this unbeatable Beko dishwasher and always recommend it. It's well built, does everything you need and is a cracking deal for an integrated machine at only £299.

This standard sized Beko integrated dishwasher is built into your kitchen units by attaching a matching door and so blending in to the design and style of your kitchen. It has an intensive ECO programme that lasts for 150 minutes and uses 10 litres of water only at 50°. It has 8 programmes to choose from and 4 temperature settings. The dishwasher uses 1.04 kWh of energy per cycle and costs approximately £44.10 to use a year. It runs quietly at 44dB and is A rated for washing and drying efficiency. The dimensions are 82.0 x 59.8 x 54.8 cm.

The Beko DW686 features a height adjustable basket at the top and is adjustable at the bottom with fold down racks, it also has a knife rack safely situated at the back of the bottom basket. It has a removable cutlery basket and a rack for wine glasses. This dishwasher holds 13 place settings so is perfect for larger families and is quite roomy. The model also features a turbo dry system – it has a fan which circulates air through vents at the side and bottom drying the dishes ready to be put away.

The DW686 has a 30 minute quick wash programme that has lighter soiled items ready in just half hour perfect for coffee cups, breakfast things or wine glasses. It also has a half load capacity wash, standard wash and rapid power wash. The machine has and anti-flood sensor which detects leaks and turns off the water – which is a reassuring feature to have. It has a delay timer for your convenience and an LED display. The LED display has a salt level indicator and a rinse aid indicator.

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Customers said the machine was very sturdy and brilliant value for money. It’s a great dishwasher a quality product and very reasonably priced retailing at around £299. The only criticism was  that some buyers reported finding integrating the machine into their kitchen a little tricky and fiddly but were ultimately successful in doing so without help.

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Very reasonable price
Well built
Loads of features & programmes
Nice and quiet
Quick wash Programme
Large capacity


Can be a little tricky to fit the door

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6 thoughts on “Beko DW686 Review

  1. Problem with setting the water hardness setting for your machine?
    I’ve just set ours up and the instructions in the book are not quite correct.
    Here’s what worked on our DW686:

    Press and hold the ‘P’ button while pressing the power on button, the display should then light up with a letter r and a number, ours was ‘r2’. Let go of the ‘P’ button then press the time delay button (it looks a bit like a clock) each press of it will increase the number, when you get to the one for your water hardness level as shown in the test strip, you then press the ‘reset’ button to the right of it to save the value.

    Our instruction book was marked as revision BF-11/12 by the way. (Bought October 2014)

  2. I bought this machine a few days ago so thought I’d leave my feedback on here. After all, the site’s review was one of the reasons behind buying it in the first place!
    The machine I had before was a De Dietrich, which gave good performance but which started leaking after 7 years of use. It was getting expensive to fix, so instead of throwing good money after bad I bought the Beko. So any comments I have made are really a comparison between the two.
    – Capacity seems much larger than my old appliance, even though they share the same space!
    – The various adjustable shelves and attachments make loading easy
    – Washing performance good so far (although it seems to struggle with Marmite encrusted cutlery!)
    – Delayed start means easy to set it to run in the early hours
    – fairly quiet
    – adjustable top rack, even when loaded. Used it already and very easy. A good feature
    – Contrary to some reports I’ve read, fitting the door was the easiest part of installation for me!
    – Feet adjustment is very, very poor, especially compared to my old machine. Rear ones are OK (not great, though), but the front ones need a wrench to adjust (they recommend a screwdriver, but I really couldn’t make that work), and you have to be really careful not to damage them. My old machine came with a special spanner which fitted the front feet and it was much, much easier (and I can’t imagine a bit of steel is that expensive). I don’t look forward to the time when I need to remove it as it’s very hard work. And adjusting the rears, although better, is rather hit and miss. Turning the screw doesn’t always engage, for some reason.
    – Came with additional soundproofing for the base but the instructions defeated me. I found installing the machine itself relatively straightforward with the picture instructions, but this extra cladding didn’t make too much sense. If anyone can figure it out please post on here!
    – No interior light. In this day and age, bit inexcusable IMO. I do miss that from my old machine
    – Accessing the filter requires removing the bottom draw. Not a biggy, but annoying
    – Although relatively quiet, it was noticeably noisier than my old machine (which sometimes was hard to tell whether it was switched on). Maybe that’s a result of my inability to fit the bottom cladding, though? You definitely know when it’s on.
    – The machine beeps when it finishes, and repeats that every few seconds for ten times! And. You. Can’t. Switch. It. Off. Most people I know run their machines at night when they go to bed, and it’s incredibly annoying to have an alarm going off, repeatedly, in the early hours. Setting the delay start function to several hours ahead helps, but if you’re in a small flat with the kitchen near the bedroom you might want to take this into account.
    – Racks don’t extend out as far as my old machine. Makes loading and unloading a little bit trickier, especially for stuff near the back on the top rack
    That’s it, I think. I don’t want to give the impression I’m unhappy with the machine, but I think Beko missed a trick with their installation, especially around the feet adjustment. You really want to hope that nothing goes wrong as it’s not exactly maneuverable. But the large capacity is a very big plus, as is the adjustable racking. As far as daily operating goes it seems to work well and my dishes have come out clean, which let’s face it is what you want. Haven’t tried all the programs yet, just used the auto-sense one and it seems to work well. Not having a light seems a bit mean, though. Are you listening, Beko?!
    Overall happy with it once in place.

  3. Hi Guys
    After buying at DW686 from AO earlier this year I’m having real trouble closing the door fully, meaning steam is escaping from the machine during a wash. The ‘Clasp’ thing at the top of the door doesn’t quite seem to reach the edge of the hole it slots into on the door rim, meaning there’s small gaps in the seal which let steam out, which condenses and soaks the cupboards/floor. Has anyone had a similar problem? With previous DWs I’ve had I wouldn’t have been able to start a wash cycle without the door properly shut, yet this one quite merrily sets off without being fully closed.
    I’ve had a look at the manual this evening and the plastic clasp seems to be on the dishwasher rim and not on the door itself. Do I somehow have it the wrong way round?! Any help appreciated!

  4. Thanks for the info on setting up the water hardness John. My manual was still out of date, and is marked as Revision EB-11/14. Unit bought August 2015. Your method finally got it right – thanks again.

  5. As a review, I found the additional items of soundproofing (I assume that is what they were) were difficult to fit as shown by the instructions, which are not much use – so did not bother and it makes no difference as far as I can tell. The back legs are a nightmare as they can only be adjusted from the rear of the machine, so need to be done before fitting in place. If you have a stepped floor, due to a floorcovering not going under your units, this is a major problem – why can’t they just be screw type as per most other units? Caused me much problems in fitting it in and eventually had to use some wedges to get desired height. Other than this I found it to be a straight replacement and works well so far.


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