Bosch Serie 4 SPS40E12GB

 Bosch Serie 4 SPS40E12GB
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  • Build Quality
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    Editor: 96%
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    Editor: 90%
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  • Value for Money
    Editor: 90%
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    Editor: 88%

Review Summary:

For reliability and performance, the Bosch SPS40E12GB is one of the better slimline models out there. It does lack some of the program options that consumers have come to expect from the modern dishwasher, but it does have what it takes to cover all of the most common types of home dishwashing jobs.

The Bosch Serie 4 SPS40E12GB is a slimline dishwasher that comes ready to provide good cleaning capabilities. This machine comes with all of the basic programs that you need and it has a couple of features to give the user some options. It also delivers respectable efficiency with an estimated electricity usage of about 220 kilowatt hours per year.

This is a slimline dishwasher, so you won’t get as much space as you would expect from the larger full sized machines. That being said, the SPS40E12GB does offer a decent amount of room and it does have some adjustable racking features to provide the interior with a little versatility. The user can fit up to nine place settings in the machine and it does have folding racks and trays to help the user get the most out of the space that is provided.

The selection of features and programs on this machine is a little slim, but it does come with all of the basics and few extras. The four wash programs are intensive, eco, quick wash and pre-rinse. Beyond the wash cycles, the user gets a delay start timer and this machine has the VarioSpeed feature for reducing the time it takes a cycle to complete.

While this machine does not have a lot of features that the user can enable or a wide selection of programs, it does come with some advanced technologies that allow the machine to manage the operation more efficiently. It has the Bosch Aqua Sensor system and the load sensor. This helps the machine to manage operation based on the size of the load and the level to which the dishes are soiled.

While it might be a little limited on the features and programs, this machine does perform well. It does a great job on even some of the most soiled dishes and the results should be more than satisfactory to most users. The quick wash is good for getting dishes done fast, but the other cycles do run a little long, with the eco cycle taking upwards of three hours to finish.

Being a machine that is fairly simple, the Bosch SPS40E12GB is very easy to use. It has a turn dial for selecting the programs and buttons for the VarioSpeed feature and the delay start timer. You also have a digital display for reading out the remaining time in the cycle and indicator lights for low rinse aid, low salt and check water. Users should have no problems when it comes to learning how to use this machine.

This machine is a real standout in regard to the build quality. It is made from quality materials and it has a self-cleaning filter system and flood protection. As usual, Bosch has designed a machine that is reliable and they back the water system with a lifetime guarantee against water damage.

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9 place setting capacity
Intensive wash
29-minute quick wash
Load sensor
Delayed start timer
Dosage assist for the detergent
Top basket is height adjustable
Low salt indicator
Low rinse aid indicator
Flood protection
Self-cleaning filter
2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


Lacks some of the common options that you would expect
Eco cycle takes more than 3 hours

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