Bosch Classixx SKS51E18EU Review

Bosch Classixx SKS51E18EU Table Top Dishwasher
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  • Performance
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Review Summary:

If you're looking for a table top model this model could be a great choice. It's a well-made, quality appliance - as you would expect from Bosch - packing in loads of programmes and features and accommodating 6 place settings which is pretty impressive for such a small unit. Certainly one to add to your shortlist.

If you don’t have the space in your kitchen to plumb in a standard or slimline dishwasher, a table top dishwasher might be the perfect solution. This compact model from Bosch can even be placed in a cupboard out of the way. If you’re going to place it on your counter it looks great in brushed stainless steel. It’s surprisingly roomy taking 6 place settings, perfect for a couple or a single person or even for a small family. The dimensions are 45 x 50 x55 cm. The dishwasher has a 29 minute quick wash which is great if you’re in a hurry or just have a few coffee cups and breakfast things to do.

The Bosch SKS51E18EU is economical to use and will cost only £26.10 a year to run at 15.44p a unit. It uses 0.62 kWh of electricity and 7.5 litres water per cycle (this works out at 174 kWh and 2700 litres of water per year). The appliance runs at a very quiet 48 dB which is little more than the sound of a whisper. It has been awarded an A+ for energy efficiency and is rated A for both washing and for drying performance. This Bosch has 5 programmes and 5 temperature settings including an intensive wash, quick wash and eco wash. The eco wash washes at the lower temperature of 50° – it takes longer than a regular wash but uses less water and energy and does a sparkling job.

The SKS51E18EU has a dial control which is simple to use. It has a salt indicator and rinse aid indicator. The dishwasher features adjustable racking to fit in those larger items such as pans or lasagne dishes and it has a cutlery basket. It has varioflex baskets meaning the racks are nice and tough. The appliance uses a residual heat drying method which is supposed to be one of the most hygienic ways to dry as it avoids using air drawn from outside the appliance. This unit had an anti flood device which will cut off the water if there is a leak which is great for peace of mind. It is cold fill only which means only the amount of water needed gets heated thus saving on those fuel bills. This model also comes in red and black.

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Customers said that it was a very good machine and a time saver – they loved the quick cycle they said it looked good and ran quietly. The only negative comment about this particular model (picture shown above) from an owner was that the outside is a tough stainless-steel effect plastic rather than metal. Even so the buyer still said they would recommend the dishwasher to a friend so that small disappointment seems to be outweighed by the many other positive aspects.

This Bosch dishwasher comes with a 2 year warranty and retails at around £359.

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Very well built
6 place settings capacity
Lots of features, programmes and temperature options
Cheap to run
Energy and water efficient


Casing is stainless steel-effect plastic rather than metal

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