Bosch Classixx SMI50C05GB (Discontinued)

This Bosch is very well built as is standard on Bosch models with a nice heavy counterweighted door. It features active water technology which means the water heats up more quickly and it has enhanced pump action which circulates the water with strong pressure to give a sparkling clean. It also has a self cleaning filter which cuts down on maintenance. This dishwasher holds 12 place settings ideal for the average family. It is semi integrated in that it is designed to have a kitchen unit door attached so that it blends into the lines of your kitchen. The difference between a fully integrated and a semi n integrated machine is that the control panel is front facing rather than on top of the door and is designed to be on display.

The dimensions of the machine are 81.5 x 59.8 _x 57.3 cm. It will cost £48.20 a year to run. It uses 1.02 kWh and 12 litres of water per cycle. This translates to 285.6 kwh and 2640 litres water a year. The dishwasher runs at a nice quiet 48 db. It had an A+ energy efficiency rating and is A graded for wash and dry performance.

The bosch classixx smi50co5gb features aquastop which cuts off the water if there is a leak and an aqua sensor which monitors how large the load is and how dirty the dishes are only using the amount of water necessary thus saving on fuel bills. It has 5 programmes and 4 temperature settings. The programmes include an intensive wash at 70° which is great for steralising baby and toddler items as well as chopping boards. It is also useful for dried on food such as cheese or gravy. Other programmes are the eco cycle and. a delicates cycle.

The Bosch classixx features antiflood devices, a child lock , salt indicator and rinse aid indicator. The led display gives the time to end of cycle which is useful. Customers were very pleased with their purchase, excellent quality and efficiency as well as build were mentioned.  It comes with a 10 year anti rust guarantee and a 2 year manufacturer warranty.  The Bosch classixx smi50 co5gb retails at £420.

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