Bosch SMV53A00GB Review

Bosch Classixx SMV53A00GB Standard Built In Dishwasher Stainless Steel
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Review Summary:

We really like this Bosch dishwasher and buyers generally have nothing but praise for it. If you're looking for a well-made, feature-packed integrated machine that offers great value for money then this should certainly be on your shortlist. Recommended!

This popular Bosch integrated dishwasher  is standard sized, holds 12 place settings and is ideal for a family of four. It comes with a 2 year warranty and a 10 year anti-rust guarantee. This dishwasher uses 1.02 kWh of energy and 12 litres of water per cycle. It costs approximately £43.50 a year to run (based on 15p per unit of electricity) which seems pretty reasonable for avoiding a year of ‘Fairy-Soft’ hands. It runs quietly at 46 dB and has an A+ energy efficiency rating. It has an A rating for washing and drying efficiency. The dimensions are  81.5  x 59.8 x 55.0 cm.

The Classixx SMV53A00GB features 5 programmes and 4 temperature settings. The temperature can be set  high to sterilise such things as baby’s bottles, toddlers’ dishes or medicine spoons. Alternatively the temperature can be set low for glass (to avoid that cloudy look) or china care. The dishwasher’s programmes include an intensive wash, an ECO wash, a zonal /half load wash, pre-wash and quick wash.

This model features adjustable racking and adjustable height on the top basket (the basket raises with a lever click system). The racking folds down for those bulkier dishes and pans and the wine glass rack raises for longer stemmed glasses. The dishwasher also features a child lock – great to keep those inquisitive little people from harming themselves or your shiny new appliance. It also has a 24 hour delay timer so that you can wash while you’re out or take advantage of cheap electricity while you sleep.

This Bosch features an environmentally friendly ‘hydro sensor‘ which uses magic (or something like that anyway) to determine how dirty your dishes are and allocate resources accordingly. The hydro sensor sets the temperature automatically (between 46°- 65°) taking the worry out of programming the dishwasher and a water control system ensures no unnecessary water is heated or used. The appliance is cold fill only, again saving energy and money.

The control panel features a salt level indicator and a rinse aid indicator and beeps at the end of the cycle. It also has a dosage assist option which evenly dissolves the soap.

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Customers were, on the whole, delighted with this appliance saying it was a pleasure to use. It is sturdily built of quality materials and good value for money. The Bosch Classixx SMV53A00GB retails at around £398. Check out the video below for more information and, if you think it could be just what you’re looking for, click the green banner underneath to check the latest price.

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Very well made and built to last
Reasonable price
Plenty of features
Large capacity and adjustable layout
Energy and water efficient


None to speak of except possibly the price

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4 thoughts on “Bosch SMV53A00GB Review

  1. Well, I really liked my Bosch SMV53A00GB integrated dishwasher until at 2 years old it started to show errors, and even Bosch couldn’t fix it. Good machine while it lasted…..I have to say I expected more than 2 years out of it.

  2. Same problem as 1st person, dishwasher on 2year 7months and seal has gone so machine leaked water. Been told not worth fixing, will only leak again. Expected more then 2years from a Bosch product as always had/have other Boxch product. Diappointed. Could this be a mechanical fault?


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