Bosch SMV53M50GB Serie 6 Review

Bosch SMV53M50GB Serie 6
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  • Build Quality
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  • Value for Money
    Editor: 92%
  • Capacity
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Review Summary:

With easy to use controls, effective washing and a versatile interior, the Bosch Serie 6 SMV53M50GB is a really impressive dishwasher. It is missing the half load feature that many consumers will look for, but it does have the load weight sensor to reduce the amount of water used for smaller loads. When you consider the quality of the build and the performance, this model does offer a good value for the price.

The Bosch SMV53M50GB Serie 6 is a quality appliance that comes ready to tackle all of your home dishwashing needs. This machine offers a good combination of effectiveness and versatility with a range of settings and good adjustable racking features. It is also economical to use with an estimated annual consumption of about 294 kilowatt hours.

With a capacity of up to 13 place settings and various adjustable racking features, consumers should be more than satisfied with the interior of this machine. It offers a good amount of room for the dishes and you have the height adjustable top basket and folding racks on both the top and bottom. In addition to that, you have a cutlery basket that can be moved around to make room for larger items and you have a special knife rack that goes with the top basket.

The SMV53M50GB gives the user a nice selection of programs and there are some optional features like VarioSpeed for speeding up the cycle times and intensive zone for adding a higher-pressure wash to the bottom basket. The user gets five cycles to choose from including intensive, economy, auto, quick wash and pre-rinse. As a note, this machine does not have a half load feature, but it does have a sensor that detects the weight of the load and manages the water based on weight.

The cleaning performance on this machine is great and all of the cycles provide good results for their intended purposes. The auto setting is good for most of the common dishwashing applications and the machine will manage operation by using sensors. The intensive wash can work well for situations where you have deeply soiled items. Along with that, you also have an economy setting that may take a long time to run, but it can be great for saving water and electricity.

Bosch has designed this machine to delivers a user-friendly experience. It has an electronic control panel on the top of the door and it is very easy to understand and operate. In the center of the control panel, you have a display screen that can read the time remaining in the cycle and it has indicators for low salt, low rinse aid and check water. To the left of the display, you have the buttons for selecting the cycle and to the right, you have your feature buttons for VarioSpeed, delayed start and intensive zone.

As always with Bosch, the consumer gets quality engineering and a machine that is built to last. It has anti-flood protection, a self-cleaning filter and a stainless steel interior. As long as it is taken care of, there should be no worries about this machine breaking down before you get your money’s worth.

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13 place setting capacity
5 preset washing programs
Automatic sensor washing
Intensive wash
29-minute quick wash
VarioSpeed for faster washing
Delay start timer
3-stage adjustable top basket
Flexible racking features
Indicators for low rinse aid and low salt
Detergent assist system
Self-cleaning filter
Flood protection
A+ energy rating
2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


No half load feature
The economy wash takes a long time

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