Bosch Logixx SPS59L12GB Review

the Bosch logixx sp59l 22GB slimline dishwasher holds 10 place settings it has a number of unique features such as a double spray arm under the top rack. The top rack is adjustable simply unclip the levers and shuffle into place at the higher level leaving room for pots and pans beneath. It has a cutlery tray rack on top and the double action of the spray arms leaves your cutlery hygienically clean as it is all laid flat. It has a brushless motor which means it runs more quietly than other leading models at just 44_db. The water is pumped round the dishwasher which has a special filter so that more water is pumped through. While the pump is functioning the water is regulated meaning only as much water as necessary is used. This dishwasher has an A+ energy rating level and is rated A for both cleaning and drying performance.

The dimensions are 84 x 45 x 60 cm. The Bosch logixx sp59L 12gb slimline dishwasher costs £36.59 a year to run. It is cold only fill meaning only as much water as you need is heated. The dishwasher has all the best standard features such as an anti flood device which will shut off the water and alert you if there is a leak saving any unpleasantness in the kitchen. It has a salt indicator and rinse aid indicator and an efficient flush system for the detergent. It has a 24 hour time lapse delay timer so that you can put on the dishwasher any time that suits.

The Bosch logixx sp59L 12 g b slimline dishwasher has 5 programmes and 4 temperatures. The dishwasher features a 70° wash for burnt in casserole or lasagne dishes or for steralising baby and toddler items and well as chopping boards and utensils. The dishwasher has a short cycle for coffee cups, breakfast dishes or other lightly soiled items for when time is short. The dishwasher also has an economy wash and a pre rinse alongside the intensive wash and quick wash as well as an eco sensitive wash which washes at a lower temperature and uses less water but takes longer.

The Bosch logixx sp59 L 12gb uses 0.84 kWh electricity and 9 litres of water per cycle. The dishwasher uses 235.2 kWh per year and 1980 litres of water per year. The machine has an LED display with indicator lights and whichbdisplays the time to the end of the cycle. The control panel looks a little daunting but once understood is straightforward. This dishwasher is of good quality build, the door is nice and heavy and counterbalanced. Customers had a few problems for example an initial wash that left the dishes wet but was remedied by using the intensive dry option and then began to work perfectly. A few were wary that this Bosch would not last as long as their previous machine but time will tell. There were some complaints about the design of the cutlery rack. Customers said they preferred the basket as the rack sometimes left some of the cutlery dirty.

The Bosch logixx sp59 L 12gb comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty and retails at £369.

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