Slimline Dishwasher Reviews

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For many people, dishwashers are seen as a necessary appliance. We lead busy lives, and there is a great value that comes with the time and effort that these appliances save. While many people feel the need for a dishwasher in the home, having enough space can sometimes be an issue.

To provide an option for homes that have less space in the kitchen, manufacturers offer the slimline dishwashers. These machines are a little more compact, but they still come with the same features and programs that you would expect from full-sized machines, and many can still fit up to 10 place settings per cycle.

Most people would probably consider the full-sized machines to be the better option, and they do offer better efficiency for water and electricity, but if you do not have the space, a slimline machine will make a fine alternative.

As mentioned above, you can still find all of the same features and options when you shop for a slimline machine. This is great because it means that you do not need to make too many compromises to get a dishwasher that will fit the space that you have. On the other hand, it can make the shopping process just as time consuming as it would be if you were getting a full sized model.

While getting a machine that will fit the space that you have is the biggest concern for a person that is shopping for a slimline machine, you probably have many of the requirements that you would if you were shopping for a full-sized model.

In searching for the right slimline dishwasher for your home, using review pages can help. The reviews will contain a nice range of information, and they can provide you with some insight regarding the value of the product and the overall user experience that should be expected.

On this site, we review many of the top slimline machines that are available, and we cover models that are priced to fit every budget. The reviews touch on all of the most important points and we even include price comparisons to help the reader shop. In addition to this, you can also use our buying guide to ensure that you are well informed about the buying process.

What buyers look for in a slimline dishwasher

Aside from being a machine that can work well for a smaller kitchen, the buyer is going to have several points that they might consider. Some buyers might want to make sure that the machine has specific program options that they like or they might want to go for a machine that offers the best efficiency. It all depends on the individual as to which points they value the most, but you should think beyond just the size of the machine.

  • Performance: Most modern dishwashers do a fairly good job at cleaning dishes. There will be some that do perform better than others do, but cleaning performance is generally not much of an issue. Aside from cleaning performance, you might want to put some thought into the drying, the capabilities for performing specific tasks and what the different features might mean for the overall performance of the machine.
  • Build Quality: Even when you buy a slimline machine, you can find models that are just as well built as their full-sized counterparts. This is important because you want your slimline model to have a respectable operating life and you want it to perform in a way that is reliable.
  • Capacity: Obviously, these machines fit fewer dishes than the larger machines do. Most slimline models will fit around 9 or 10 place settings.
  • Size: While size probably does play a role when a person is shopping for a full-sized model, it is obviously a much bigger concern for people that are looking for a slimline machine. The average slimline model is about 45cm wide by 85cm high by about 60cm in depth.
  • Integrated or Freestanding: Even with the slimline machines, you do have the option to go for integrated or freestanding design. If you need more information about the differences between these designs, read our dishwasher buying guide.
  • Features and Programs: You can still get all of the top features and programs when you buy a slimline dishwasher. Shop a range of options like sensor washing, sanitizing wash and more.
  • Racks: With the limited interior space, the rack design can become even more important when you are shopping for a slimline dishwasher. Look for adjustable racking that adds to the versatility of the machine.
  • Efficiency: In general, slimline models are a little less efficient. That said, you can still find models that do well in efficiency. If the consumption of water and efficiency are of a particular concern, then you will want to keep an eye out for figures that reflect the efficiency of the machine.
  • Budget: On average, the slimline models are cheaper, but the top machines can still come with a hefty price tag. When you consider your budget, you need to have realistic expectations regarding what you can get for the money that you have available.
  • Ease of Use: For the most part, these machines will be just as easy to operate as the larger dishwashers. However, there are some cases where the user needs to follow a specific loading procedure to fit the full ten place settings. This is where considering things like the racks and the design of the controls can make a big difference.
  • Brand: With some buyers, the brand name is a big selling point. Certain brands are known for making superior appliances, and it is understandable if a shopper wants to stick with one of these brands. Fortunately, most manufacturers do make slimline models, so it should not be too much trouble to find a model from your favourite brand.

How reviews can help you find the right slimline dishwasher

In shopping for a slimline dishwasher, you may want to consider many of these points, but finding the information can be tough. For most buyers, they just don’t have the time to do all of the research that they need. As a consequence, this will lead some shoppers to purchase a dishwasher without enough information.

Reading reviews can be a good way to avoid making this type of uninformed decision. With reviews like the ones that we list on our site, you can find information that covers many of the points that are most important to shoppers that are looking to buy a slimline dishwasher. With it all in one place, you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for information.

This can be especially important if you have several machines that you may be considering. Looking for the facts concerning one model can be difficult enough, but with several machines to look at, the time and effort is going to be considerable. At our site, you can pull up multiple reviews, compare the points that matter to you, and make an informed decision regarding the dishwasher that is right for your home.

Do user reviews contain useful information?

Around the internet, you are probably going to see user reviews for most of the dishwashers that you look at. When you see these reviews, you might wonder if the information has any value and the types of insights that can be gained by reading them.

With user reviews, there is some value that a buyer can get from taking the time to read them, but there are also some ways that you could be lead astray. Obviously, there is some value to be had when you consider that it is real feedback from people that have actually owned the product in question. However, the information in some reviews will be more specific to the individual that wrote it than it would be for most other buyers.

If you are reading user reviews, you might find users talking about the ease with which the machine can be loaded or the simplicity of the controls. They may also talk about a specific program or feature that has really made life easier. These are all points that you could possibly translate to your own experience, and they could be useful.

On the other hand, you might see some reviews that are more about the individual experience. They might be unsatisfied with the delivery service, the machine might have come off the truck with a dent or they could have bought a machine that would be perfectly fine for another user, but it may not have worked well for the reviewer’s purposes. All of these may be fine reasons to leave a negative review, but the information does not necessarily reflect the experience that you would have with the machine.

With this being the case, you need to consider the user reviews carefully if you are going to use them as a source of information. Instead of just looking to see if the review is negative or positive, you should read the different reviews and think about each point to consider whether it is something that could affect the experience that you would have with the machine.

Information on retailer and manufacturer pages

In the final stages of selecting a dishwasher, you should take some time to look at the information on the pages of manufacturers and retailers. Once you are on one of these pages, you might find the last few pieces of information that will help you to make a decision.

  • Basic Information: To start, you should check out some of the basic information. Look to see how many place settings the machine can hold, the number of programs that it comes with and the number of wash temperatures that the machine has.
  • Dimensions: Since you are shopping for a slimline model, size is probably an important concern. When you are on a manufacturer or retailer page, you can take the time to check the exact dimensions of the dishwasher that you are looking at.
  • Programs: On one of these pages, you should be able to find a list of all of the programs that are available from the machine. Look to see the selection of cycles that you can use and check to see if there are any special cycles that you may like.
  • Features: With these pages, you can also check the features. Look to see if there is a delay timer, the type of clock that the delay timer runs on, if it has things like a speed up feature, extra dry or zone washing. Some models may even have special features that are unique to the brand.
  • Controls: The control design can be another important factor in making your decision. Check to see the type of controls on the machine, how they are laid out and if there is a display. You may even be able to look at a picture of the control panel.
  • Cutlery tray or Basket: Find out what the machine offers for washing cutlery. The basket can be an adequate solution, but the third level tray can free up some space, and this might be even more important if you are shopping for a slimline dishwasher.
  • Efficiency: For shoppers that put a high value on efficiency, these pages can offer an opportunity to learn about the amount of electricity that the machine uses and the water consumption. Along with the energy rating, check the annual energy consumption and the per cycle water usage.
  • Noise: If your home is small and open, a noisy dishwasher can cause a bit of a disturbance. Most pages will include a listing for the operating noise of the machine.
  • Warranty: Having a good warranty is an issue of peace of mind. Some machines will have fairly basic warranties and others might get extensive coverage from the manufacturer. A long warranty can also be a good indicator of quality, reliability and durability.
  • User Reviews: Some of these pages may even have a section for user reviews. If you have the time, read some of them to see if there is any information that might relate the way that you would use the machine.

Comparing Prices

Once you have selected a dishwasher, or have a few that you have shortlisted, the best thing that you can do is compare prices against different retailers. In most cases, the prices will be somewhat close, but there is always the potential to find a good discount by shopping around.

With our reviews, we have also added a price comparison section to make the process even easier for the shopper. If you have a model that you like, or a few that you are considering, go to the reviews page for a list of prices from top retailers. If you find a price that you like, you can then just click on the link to the retailer’s product page. We update the price lists every day to ensure that the information is current and relevant, so you can rest assured that you are finding accurate pricing when you use our website.