Hotpoint FDUD43133P Review

Hotpoint FDUD43133P Review
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  • Build Quality
    Editor: 90%
  • Capacity
    Editor: 100%
  • Features
    Editor: 95%
  • Ease of Use
    Editor: 85%
  • Quietness
    Editor: 95%
  • Performance
    Editor: 90%
  • Value For Money
    Editor: 85%

Review Summary:

If you're looking for a larger capacity dishwasher with tons of features and programmes this could be a great choice. Well-made and built to last - this Hotpoint delivers great results, enjoys an A+++ energy efficiency rating, is popular with customers and is reasonably priced at £389.

The Hotpoint FDUD43133P Standard Dishwasher uses 9 litres of water and 0.83 kWh of electricity per cycle and costs approximately £35.55 a year to run. The dimensions are (H)85.0 x (W)60.0 x (D)60.0 cm. It has been awarded an A+++ energy efficiency rating (which is the best you can get) and it has an A rating for washing and drying efficiency. It runs quietly at 42 dB which is not much louder than a fridge. It’s available in white or stainless steel (with the latter being about £10 more expensive).

The baskets have  a great deal of flexibility with fold down plate racks, cup racks  for fitting in bulkier items such as casserole dishes. It also has adjustable 3 level wine glass racks for larger long stemmed wine glasses or tall tumblers. The top basket can be moved up and down. This dishwasher even has a pan stand in the bottom basket which is fold away. It is exceptionally roomy holding 14 place settings, perfect for a large family or for the aftermath of a dinner party.

This Hotpoint Dishwasher has a swish touch screen control panel simply hold down to run through the programmes. This model also has an exceptional number of programmes – 11 in total – including a quick wash at 50°, a pre wash, normal wash, delicate cycle and an eco wash. It has 5 temperature settings, features an anti- flood device and has a ‘forced air’ drying system. This model is also secured with a tamper proof child lock.

The FDUD43133P features a zone washing system allowing for half loads either in the top basket or the bottom basket – simply select the upper or lower zone and the dishwasher will clean this using half the water normally required thus saving energy and money. This model also features an active oxygen system whereby oxygen will penetrate the empty machine on the ‘active oxygen‘ cycle neutralising bad smells.

This appliance has a salt level indicator and a rinse aid indicator.  It also has a 24 hour delay timer for your convenience. It has a sensor system and turbo dry. The appliance will gauge from the rinsing water how dirty the dishes are and wash accordingly, not stopping until the rinse water is clean – clever stuff!

Some customers said the turbo dry didn’t work very well and that they had to use a tea towel. Others said the drying racks were awkward for some types of dishes, but on the whole customers said the Hotpoint FDUD43133P is a quality machine offering good value for money which is built to last (87% said they would recommend it to a friend). It retails at around £389, if you want to find out more click here for more details and reviews and to check the latest price.

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Huge 14 place setting capacity
A+++ Energy Efficiency Rating
Very flexible internal racking
Very quiet
Active Oxygen system eliminates unpleasant odours
Loads of features & programmes
Child lock


Some said the turbo drying system didn't work optimally

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