Hotpoint LST216A Review

Hotpoint LST216A Slimline Dishwasher Built In Silver
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Review Summary:

This dishwasher is designed to save you space and time. It has a unique swing hinge and easy fix so that attaching your kitchen unit door is very straightforward. The dimensions are 82_x 44.5 x 57 cm as such it is designed to fit in smaller spaces. The door is not very heavy but once the unit door is attached will balance better. The dishwasher runs at 49 db and so is reasonably quiet. It has an A rating for energy efficiency and is A rated for both washing and drying performance.

The hotpoint lst 216 a integrated dishwasher uses 285.6 kWh per year and 2220 litres of water. It uses 1.02 kWh per cycle and 10 litres of water. This dishwasher costs £42.85 a year to run. It is built to hold 10 place settings which is perfect for small families or couples and it features adjustable racking. Unclip the levers and slide the wheels onto the next racking level. It has a removable cutlery basket which means you can just take the cutlery direct to the drawer to put away once it is washed.

The hotpoint lst 216 a has an electronic display panel just at the top of the door. Press down the programme button and move the selection across the panel to the desired cycle setting quite easy. The dishwasher has 6 programmes and 3 temperatures to choose from. The programmes include an intensive wash for dried on food like cheese or gravy, a standard wash and a rapid was for less soiled items such as coffee cups or breakfast dishes if you are in a hurry this only takes 35 minutes. There is also an eco wash programme that uses less power as it washes at a lower temperature and uses less water, however it does take longer to wash and complete its cycle. The dishwasher uses a residual heat drying system.

Customers were on there whole pleased with this dishwasher saying it brought everything up bright and clean. Customers frequently said how good value for money it was and couldn’t understand why it had the features of more expensive machines. A few people complained the instructions were poorly written and difficult to follow and others pointed out that the plate racks were too close together whilst cutlery dropped through the basket. The main consensus was that it was value for money.

The hot point LST 216a slimline integrated dishwasher comes with a
one year warranty and retails at £228.

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3 thoughts on “Hotpoint LST216A Review

  1. Hi – I would like to know where to buy this for £219? It sounds great but I can’t find it at that price. Please let me know! thank!

  2. Hi Leila

    I have had several dishwashers in the past and i currently have an indesit(very good in my opinion) but i need a replacement is there a lots of plastic in the drainage area as this will break as time goes on.

    Thank you


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