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Hotpoint SIAL11010P
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  • Hotpoint SIAL11010P
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  • Last modified: July 9, 2017
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    Editor: 92%
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    Editor: 89%

Review Summary:

With this model, Hotpoint offers a slimline dishwasher that is effective and easy to use. It is a little basic on the features, but it does have all of the programs that you could need and they all provide good cleaning results. While there might be some issues with fitting larger items, that is to be expected with many of the slimline models. Coming in at just over £200, this machine is a good value for homes that need a space saving dishwasher.

Being a slimline model, the Hotpoint SIAL11010P dishwasher can work well for kitchens that are limited on space. It comes with a wide selection of programs to make it good for most of the standard home dishwashing jobs and it is very easy to use. The efficiency from this model is about what you would expect from a slimline model with an estimated annual consumption of 237 kilowatt hours.

For a slimline machine, the user still has the ability to wash a decent amount of kitchenware with the SIAL11010P. It can hold up to 10 place settings per load and the racks do offer some adjustable features for versatility. This machine comes with a top basket that is height adjustable and there are some folding racks and tip up compartments. The one downside in this regard is that some large items might be a little tough to fit. It should wash most of your things like baking sheets and large pots, but you won’t be able to fit a lot of other stuff in the basket with them.

Hotpoint has equipped this model with a good selection of programs and it even comes with a few optional wash features. There are a total of seven programs to choose from and the user gets additional features like a half load and a delay start timer. For programs, you get an intensive wash, eco wash, delicates, normal, fast, express and soak.

All of the seven programs do offer good cleaning capabilities. The delicate cycle is good for glass, you have the intensive setting for cleaning things like pots and pans and the express wash can get your dishes done in less than half an hour. You get good cleaning performance and the cycles run quickly, so it won’t leave you waiting a long time for your dishes.

The consumer should have no problems operating this machine. The controls are straightforward and easy to understand. You have a dial for selecting the wash cycle that you need and then buttons for turning on the half load feature, the multi-purpose tablet option and the delay start timer. Along with that, you also have indicator lights for the selected cycle, low rinse aid and low salt.

The SIAL11010P from Hotpoint has a stainless steel interior, flood protection and a self-cleaning filter. It is a very well made dishwasher and as long as it is well cared for, it should provide a long operating life.

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10 place setting capacity
7 wash programs
Intensive wash
25 minute quick wash
Half load feature
Delay start timer
Height adjustable top basket
Low rinse aid indicator
Low salt indicator
Self-cleaning filter
Flood protection
A+ energy rating
1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


Some large items might be difficult to fit

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