Indesit DPG15B1NX Review

This indesit is designed to fit in-between your kitchen units. It has a good heavy counter balanced door. The dishwasher holds 13 place settings ideal for an average size family or dinner guests. The dishwasher features a sleek led control panel which some customers said was hard to see, simply turn the dial to select your programmes. The dishwasher features 5 programmes and 5 temperature settings including an intensive was and pre wash for those burnt in dishes, as well as a quick wash option. It also has a delicate/glassware cycle. The programmes are basic but efficient. The dimensions are 82 x 59.5 x 57 cm.

This indesit will use 1.104 kWh and 11 litres of water. It will use 295 kWh per year and 3080 litres of water. It has been awarded energy rating A+ and is A rated for washing and drying performance. It runs at a quiet 49 db. zThe dishwasher features variable racking simply click the levers out and click the basket in place very straightforward. It has a removable cutlery basket so you can take it straight to the drawer to put away. It does not have adjustable racking in the bottom basket but larger items can still be made to fit. It has a rack to hold those wine glass stems.

The indesit dgb15b1nx features salt indicator and rinse aid indicator. It uses a residual heat drying method and has an anti flood device. Any leak detected will result in the water being cut off avoiding a full scale flood. Customers on the whole were more than satisfied with their purchase saying it offered excellent valUE for money and was quite efficient. They said the programmes and features were quite standard but still good value for money. Indesit are not the best build quality but still offer an efficient and cheerful appliance. This dishwasher comes with a one year manufacturer warranty and retails at £269.

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