Loooong dishwasher cycles: Why the EU is to blame

Close Up Of Man Setting Economy Cycle On Dishwasher

The rules of advancement within consumer electronics generally state that with each model, and throughout the years, our technology becomes faster, more powerful, or both. So the fact that dishwashers have gotten a whole lot slower as compared to earlier models seems to go against everything that we know about white goods.

So why is it that that, on average, the household dishwasher today takes anything up to twice the amount of time as compared to the models of old? Well, here we take a look and explain why (as well as drawing upon some of the models out there that are bucking the trend with super-fast and efficient wash cycles).


So, are our dishwashers getting slower?

Many may think that manufacturers have somehow forgotten all that they’ve learned in recent years. However the changes in the wash cycles, and the length of time that they run for, can be directly attributed to what many see as the ever-meddling EU, who have set out some pretty stringent guidelines for dishwasher manufacturers.


And the premise behind such a move?

Put simply, the logic behind the regulations is energy efficiency and the premise is that faster, shorter cycles generally use more energy than slower, longer styles. However the guidelines covering average energy used in one wash load don’t necessarily define a set time for them to run, this is simply the easiest way the manufacturers have found to compromise. Some people couldn’t care less and simply push the button and forget about it till the wash is done. But what if you have more washing than will fit in one load? You really don’t want to leave your kitchen looking a state for hours while you wait for the dishwasher to finish hence you just hit the ‘quick wash’ button and be done with it.

When buying a new machine you’ll probably find that information on this subject is hard to find.  Most retailers will mention whether or not each machine has an eco setting but will rarely state how long that cycle is. You have to really dig pretty deep to find this information by visiting the actual manufacturer’s website but even this doesn’t always yield results.

We’ve had lots of emails on this subject lately and are in the process of compiling a list of the dishwashers with the quickest economy cycles. As soon as this is ready we will post this information in a separate post. Watch this space…



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