Neff S58M40X0GB (Discontinued)

The Neff s58m40x0gb is an integrated machine designed to fit into your kitchen behind a unit door and so does not spoil the lines of your kitchen. It is compact too meaning it will fit into smaller spaces. The dimensions are 81.5 _44.8 x_ 55 cm. _The dishwasher is perfect for open plan flats and apartments as it runs very quietly at 48 db. It is economical to use and will cost just £33 a year to run based on 15 p a unit. It has been awarded a A + energy rating saving on your fuel bills. The dishwasher also has an A rating for washing and drying performance. It uses 0.78 kWh per cycle and 9 litres water per cycle. Per annum this works out at 220 kWh and 2520 litres water.

The Neff s 58m_40_x0GB holds an ample _9 place setting. Perfect for couples. It has adjustable racking just slide the basket it in and out to the required level which is quick and easy to do. The dishwasher has fold down racks at the bottom for pans or casserole and lasagne dishes. It has 4 programmes and 3 temperature settings. The programmes include a neff special glass care cycle which uses lesser water pressure and lower temperatures to care for your glassware. It has a quick wash and intensive wash at 70° which is good for steralising baby and toddler items as well as chopping boards, it is also good for lifting dried on food such as cheese or gravy. This dishwasher also features an eco cycle which washes with less water at lower temperatures thus saving energy, however it takes a longer time.

The Neff s 58m40x0gb has a _24 hr time delay meaning you can plan to put on your machine anytime that suits you. The dishwasher features dosage assist taking the best advantage of your detergent with a thorough wash out. It has an aquastop feature which stops leaks saving you any unpleasantness in the kitchen as it will cut off the water. The control panel is a simple push button which you push to select the programs you require as well as which you can use a vari energy feature which means the machine operates in short bursts of energy saving on fuel. This dishwasher has a salt indicator and rinse aid indicator.

Customers thought that although the neff s58m_40x0gb was expensive it was worth the money as it works so well and is of good build quality. Most seemed pleased and reported no problems however previous owners of the former neff model were disappointed with the new racking layout saying it was not as well designed. The plynth and legs were reported to be better designed than the previous model.

The neff s58m40x0gb comes with a two year manufacturer warranty and retails at £420.

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