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Smeg D4B-1
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  • Smeg D4B-1
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  • Last modified: July 9, 2017
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Review Summary:

The D4B-1 from Smeg is a great all around dishwasher. It performs well for all of the basic washing options that the average user will need, and it has some features like sensor washing and half load that add to the convenience of this machine. All in all, this model is a good value because it does what the user expects and it is easy to use.

For a nice slimline dishwasher that performs well, the Smeg D4B-1 is a good option. This machine is easy to use and it comes with a good number of washing options. With this model, the user also gets a good level of efficiency, using only 9.5L of water per cycle and using approximately 236 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

The interior racking on this machine is pretty good. You have some adjustable options and the height of the top basket can be adjusted. Further, you have the cutlery basket and a number of racks and compartments that are great for getting the most out of this smaller machine. It can fit up to ten place settings, and it is even easy to get some of the larger items in this machine.

The options and programs that come with the D4B-1 are really nice. You have a total of five programs for washing dishes and it has some good optional features that can add to the convenience of this machine. The user has an automatic sensor washing program that will work well for most of the regular washing, plus it has an eco wash, super wash for intensive cleaning, a rapid setting and a delicate cycle. Additionally, if you hit the button for rapid and add the quick feature, it provides the option of a prewash soak cycle.

For added features, this machine offers a delay start timer, the quick feature for cutting cycle times and a half load option. The quick feature is definitely nice for when you need your dishes in a hurry, and it works with every cycle except rapid. The half load will also work great for when you only have a few dishes that need to be cleaned.

As for the performance of the cycles, this machine does well. Users will get good cleaning results, and the cycle times are not excessively long. With rapid, you can have a load of dishes done in less than half an hour and the eco runs in just under three hours, making it a fairly quick eco cycle when compared to other models. When you add the quick setting, it brings the cycle times down considerably. With the eco quick, the wash can be done in 80 minutes. You do sacrifice a little bit of the efficiency, but it offers a good balance of efficiency and speed.

This machine is also very easy to use. The racks are well made and easy to load, and the controls are easy to understand and easy to use. Each cycle has its own individual button, then you have another button for adding the quick or half load feature. You just pick your cycle, add the options and then push the button to confirm. The machine also has a display screen that shows the cycle time and indicators for the equipped options, low rinse aid and low salt.

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10 place setting capacity
Height-adjustable top basket
Intensive wash
Auto sensor washing
27-minute rapid wash
Delicate cycle
Speed up feature
Half load option
Countdown timer on display
Overflow protection
A+ energy rating

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