Smeg DI6012-1 Review

Smeg DI6012-1 Review
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Review Summary:

When your friends see you have a fancy new Smeg dishwasher they will assume you spent a lot more than £278 on it - which is always nice! The only problem is, as it's an integrated model, you may need to casually wedge the door open so they can see the trendy Smeg logo. Frivolity aside, this is a very decent machine at a very reasonable price. Buyers speak highly of it and gripes are minimal. Well worth a look in our opinion.

Smeg, the trendy Italian brand known particularly for their iconic fridges, now make all manner of kitchen appliances and equipment. The Smeg DI6012-1 Standard Dishwasher is an integrated appliance meaning it will blend seamlessly into the style of your kitchen and can be hidden away behind a unit door. Fitting it can be a bit fiddly but most customers managed this unaided. This dishwasher holds 12 place settings so is ideal for a family. It uses 1.02 kWh energy and 12 litres of water per cycle and costs approximately £42.90 a year to run. It runs quietly at 48 dB, has an A+ energy efficiency rating and is A rated for washing and drying efficiency. The dimensions are (H)85.0 x (W)59.8 x (D)55.0 cm.

This Smeg dishwasher features 5 programmes and 5 temperature settings it has a quick wash of just 27 minutes, so if you have friends round for coffee or wine your dishes will be ready in no time.  There is an Eco wash at 65° and an intensive wash at 70° as well as a glassware wash of 45°. This model also features a Hyclean programme which finishes the wash with a high temperature antibacterial 70° rinse, meaning your wash is ‘hygienically’ clean. This is useful for baby bottles, toddlers’ dishes or medicine cups.

The DI6012-1 has a height adjustable top basket which slides off and on, a rack for individually placing cutlery or a removable cutlery basket and it has a rack for wine glasses. The machine has an LED display which features a salt level indicator and rinse aid indicator; the programmes are operated by 5 buttons which are clearly marked making the machine easy to use. This model also uses a residual drying system which is apparently one of the best and most hygenic ways to dry your dishes.

This Smeg has two spiral spray arms which work in alternating directions giving a really thorough clean. Glassware is washed at an adjustable temperature to prevent clouding of the glass.

Click here to read what 200+ owners of this model think of it (89% would recommend it to a friend)

Customers said it was well-built, cleaned well, ran quietly and was good value for money. The only criticisms were that loading the dishwasher can be a little fiddly as the plates need to lean over to fit and so would probably fit 10 large plates not 12 place settings as advertised. Some other customers also complained about the wine glasses slipping out of place but on the whole feedback was very positive. The Smeg DI6012-1 Standard Dishwasher retails at around £278.

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Trendy brand will make your friends jealous
Cheap price for an integrated model
Runs quietly
Energy Efficient
Lots of programmes to choose from
Hygenic residual drying system


A little fiddly to load reducing total capacity
Wine glasses sometimes slip out of place

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  1. Had problems with nasty top draw end stop broken, will contact SMEG to see if they have a better design or replacements. Broke on the first use. Not a great start but still like to so far, yep it is quiet.


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