Whirlpool ADP8693APC6SWH Review

Whirlpool Green Generation ADP8693APC6SWH Standard Dishwasher Freestanding White
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  • Build Quality
    Editor: 80%
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    Editor: 80%
  • Features
    Editor: 85%
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    Editor: 85%
  • Quietness
    Editor: 90%
  • Performance
    Editor: 80%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 90%

Review Summary:

The Whirlpool Green Generation  Standard Dishwasher has an energy efficiency rating of A++ so is very cost effective and it runs at just 42 dB so is very quiet. This dishwasher uses 0.92 kWh per cycle and uses 11 litres of water per cycle. The dimensions are 85.0 x 59.7 x 59.0cm. It is A rated for washing and drying performance and is cold only fill so that only as much water as is needed is heated up again saving energy. This dishwasher costs £39.50 a year to run.

The Whirlpool Green Generation ADP8693APC6SWH Standard Dishwasher has a variety of special features. It has 8 programmes and 7 temperatures. The dishwasher features a very delicate cycle for china and wine glasses, even crystal. Another feature is the ‘6th sense’ sensor which gauges the waste water and adjusts the wash cycle accordingly, only finishing the wash once the rinse water is clean thus saving on miscalculated wash cycle times and not wasting any water. This dishwasher also features a power wash. If you have pots that ordinarily would require an over- night soak, there is a power wash which uses 32 power jets to blast away dried in food such as cheese or egg or burn on food. The quick wash for breakfast dishes or coffee mugs for example lasts approximately half an hour. The dishwasher has a prewash cycle and many others besides. The Whirlpool Green Generation ADP8693APC6SWH Standard Dishwasher also features a bacterial hygienic wash for such thing as baby bottles or medicine spoons meaning these are safe to use straight from the dishwasher saving time and fuss.

This dishwasher has an adjustable top basket to 2 heights, a rack for long stemmed glasses, and 2 removable cutlery containers. It is a good quality build and has an anti- flood device the machine will detect leaks and turn off the water. The dishwasher features a delay timer for your convenience. It also has an LED display with salt indicator and rinse aid indicator. It holds 13 place settings and retails at £299, a good price for a quality dishwasher. Customers were on the whole delighted by their Whirlpool Green Generation ADP8693APC6SWH Standard Dishwasher, some saying it was the best dishwasher they had ever bought, Customers loved the power wash for burnt on food and commented on how quiet the machine was.

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